One week to go til the HSC and time is ticking away and not just for that but also for everything and idk how I feel about anything anymore

Life doesn’t feel very real right now

So pumped for summer. Hazy days and sweltering heat and beach trips and crickets chirping and sunsets and smelling like coconuts and tropical fruits and looking super hot in a bikini is very much what I need right now. Just 6 weeks to go and I can finally start my life how I want to.

Tbh I forgot I was sad when I bought these shoes (for $20!!!)

So I graduated last week Friday. Words can’t express how I feel. It was simultaneously underwhelming yet made me realise how much I appreciate everyone.
It’s been a hard year. I’m not going to lie (like the people who I talked to in the grade above me last year lol) and say it was the best year either. Year 12 sucks, ok? But it was so so so important for me. I think I learned a lot about myself.

Tbh story of my past year

What I wore to spring fling. Contemplated going bra-less but eh the lace on my bra didn’t look too bad

Before spring fling

I’m no better than the rest of them.

Anonymous asked: Who inspires u??

In terms of what?
Generally speaking, people who are passionate about wanting to see a change in this world. Real altruism, because so few people I know really care about making the world a better place but think knowing about an issue/saying they believe in such and such makes them a humanitarian or whatever, or are purely interested in what it can get them. And because I know my own cynicism is no better than the rest of them, so I really do admire people who have that idealism and initiative to actually do something, not just talk.