What I wore to spring fling. Contemplated going bra-less but eh the lace on my bra didn’t look too bad

Before spring fling

I’m no better than the rest of them.

Anonymous asked: Who inspires u??

In terms of what?
Generally speaking, people who are passionate about wanting to see a change in this world. Real altruism, because so few people I know really care about making the world a better place but think knowing about an issue/saying they believe in such and such makes them a humanitarian or whatever, or are purely interested in what it can get them. And because I know my own cynicism is no better than the rest of them, so I really do admire people who have that idealism and initiative to actually do something, not just talk.

After an hour of dance practice at a friends house

Watching Dazed and Confused and feeling weird bc this is supposed to be me in 5 weeks time.

Post-trials dinner 💕


Sky blue

I was about to snapchat people unflattering selfies ft my chem textbook